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Emily Kiernan is the author of a novel, Great Divide (Unsolicited Press, 2014). Her short fiction has appeared in Pank, The Collagist, Monkeybicycle, decomP, The Good Men Project, Dark Sky, Redivider, JMWW, and other journals. She resides in Berkeley, California with her man and her dog. More information can be found at

James Warner is the author of All Her Father's Guns, a San Francisco Public Library reading list selection for summer 2012. His short stories have appeared most recently in Hobart, Buenos Aires Review, and the Literarian, and will be appearing most imminently in Wag's Revue, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Mid-American Review. Information about and links to his stories, columns, essays, and other writings can be found at Follow him on Twitter at @jameshjwarner.

Kicking ass since 1976! Modest to a fault, Dorinda could not be trusted to write an accurate biography, so I, her extraordinary ghost writer (aka sister) have been enlisted for the job. This is because she would never tell you about the 1,349 steep steps she climbed in the sweltering heat of Thailand, fighting off rapacious monkeys, just to see a statue of the Buddha. She wouldn't mention her pro bono work as an immigration and human rights attorney, or that she successfully appealed lost-cause refugee cases before the UN while getting chemo and working as a full time attorney. She wouldn't tell you where she went to school (Cal) or how she fared as a student (double major, magna cum something or other). She wouldn't tell you that she is the sweetest, most effervescent friend you could hope to know. Also, she has webbed toes, but only on one foot, which makes it possible for her to not swim only in circles.